The Standard is a play of light and shadow, with its elegant metal façade and deeply-set windows creating space to reflect on a city that is reflected back. The effect is intentional: design conjures historic architectural traditions, viewed through a modern lens.

Inside, a refined, relaxed atmosphere greets residents, cultivated by a unifying palette of warm cobblestone, bronze, and wood. The lobby takes cues from its Julia Street location, doubling as an expansive art gallery featuring large-scale works by acclaimed local, national and international artists. The thoughtfully furnished pool deck, club, and cabanas are partially shaded by fragrant magnolia trees – a private garden in the center of the city that residents are welcome to share … or keep for themselves.


New York City. Chicago. Washington, D.C. Grand urban stages that celebrate architect Morris Adjmi’s bold designs. His heart, his home and his inspiration, however, is New Orleans. “I recall taking my sketchbook to the French Quarter to make drawings of the different types of columns on the balconies and galleries when I was young,” remembers Adjmi. The Standard offers Adjmi the opportunity to return home and create a lasting impression on the city that shaped him. Here, his passion for renovation and reinterpretation of historic neighborhoods comes alive in towering fashion.

Adjmi is the perfect appointment to steward the South Market District to a future that maintains its cultural and architectural heritage while always moving forward. His success comes from transforming areas into livable domains without losing the soul that makes them unique. “The more I studied the architecture of New Orleans, the more I became convinced it is important to capture the spirit of the city without mimicking the past, either formally or stylistically.” With The Standard, Adjmi raises the bar for the city from which he came.


Handwrought and tastefully-appointed, The Standard’s 89 residences and 15 floors are designed by masters for those who appreciate a unity of function and aesthetic appeal.

Within the tower’s stately façade, each space has been carefully considered and materials thoughtfully utilized. Morris Adjmi-designed, walnut-finish cabinetry is custom milled by local craftsmen. Master baths refresh with elegantly crafted Mosaic Statuario Herringbone tile. And hand-laid, sawn-cut white oak flooring naturally lightens residences. The effect is a seamless marriage of past and present, form, and function, luxury and lifestyle to cultivate a timeless appeal.