Chris Papamichael and Matt Schwartz, Domain’s Principals and Co-Founders


The Domain Companies is one of the nation’s leading real estate investment and development firms specializing in sustainable mixed-use development. The unique skills and experience of its people and driven entrepreneurial spirit of the organization have allowed Domain to develop creative solutions for challenging projects, building properties that stand apart through innovative design and extraordinary management. The result is the creation of more than exceptional properties – it is the evolution and enhancement of the communities in which Domain builds.

From master planning to architectural and interior design, Domain is committed to achieving award-winning excellence and enacting positive and lasting social, economic, and physical change. In each community, a sustained engagement effort enhances the lives of residents, supports local businesses, and fulfills a responsibility to the community and environment. Domain’s long-term investment approach is at the core of the firm’s mission to create true community value and ensure that its projects lay the foundation for future progress.